• April 27, 1995 Black Pharaoh is born in Annotto Bay, St. Mary, Jamaica 

• November 22, 1996 Polite Savage is born in Mona, Kingston, Jamaica

• December 27, 1997 Myluh Muzic is born in Sugar Loaf, St. Andrew, Jamaica

• October 15, 2000 Robyn is born in Windsor, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

• November 22, 2007 Polite Savage is birthday gifted a blue Strinberg CLG-22 electric guitar, which is later named Layabout

• February 7, 2019 Omar Francis welcomes Polite Savage to play at the Jam run by Jeremy Ashbourne and Eye of the Brainstorm

• September 2019 Robyn and Polite Savage meet in Kingston, Jamaica

• October 12, 2019 Layabout premieres debut single and music video, recorded and engineered by drummer Jeremy Ashbourne

• January 2020 Robyn and Polite Savage meet Black Pharaoh at model training with Pulse Model Agency

• November 20, 2020 Black Pharaoh & Layabout release the song Punk Reggae featuring Omar Francis on lead guitar

• December 9, 2020 Polite Savage and Black Pharaoh collaborate to form the band Layabout Black and original genre Punk-Reggae

• February 6, 2021 Multi-instrumentalist, Myluh Muzic of Far From Dead, joins Layabout Black

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