Punk Reggae

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Punk Reggae is a fusion of Danchall verses and rock choruses with a climactic ending mixing the two. Omar Francis performed the lead guitar work, Jeremy Ashbourne returned to help with drumming as well as the recording, mixing and mastering of the song. Black Pharaoh (Who  co-wrote the song with Polite Savage) unveiled his dancing skills in the music video and Robyn's additional vocals soften and accentuate the song. (November 20 2020)

Party Man

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Layabout the blue guitar and its wielder discover a pirate spirit hiding inside a modern bass guitar. (March 2 2020)

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Port Royal, Jamaica

Polite Savage

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Polite Savage's music video concludes the first chapter of Savage the Pirate and Polite his reincarnation's story, as seen in the previous two music videos. Robyn, who features a lead role in the music video, as she did in Party Man's video, also gives backing vocals towards the end of the song. (October 30 2020)

Stuck in a Rusty Cage

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Filmed at Fort Rocky, of ghostly Port Royal once known as the wickedest city - new Jamaican musical thing Layabout tells a tale about selfishness... without energy to use facial expression of course. We are Layabouts, after all. (Oct 12 2019)

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